International Kazan Airport, Russia


International Kazan Airport

The international airport of Kazan, Russia is actually located in Tatarstan Russia. It is around 25 km southeast of Kazan which is the largest airport in Tatars tan and it is the 15th busiest airport in Russia. The famous airport practically serves not on the city of Kazan but all the 3.8 million citizens of the region. The airport gradually developed into an international airport and could have the capability of handling both domestic and international flights

History of the famous airport

The famous airport was completed in 1979 but in 1984 Kazan 1 was shut down and the famous Kazan 2 was renamed to KAZAN Airport. The airports fame slowly rose and in the year 1986 the Kazan airport gained international ranks. After the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, the famous Tatarsan region separated form the USSR’S single Aeroflot and created the Tatars tan.

The airport today

In the year 2008, Tatarstans President slowly reconstructed the city of Kazan after winning the 2013 Universidad Olympic Games bid .Apart form famously repairing the streets, looking for investors and slowly integrating English language to the country he also begun the redesign of the Kazan’s airport. He practically designed blueprints of the terminal 1A and planned out the complete refining of the airport between 2008-2025.The airport consists of more than 30 check in slots and some 7 conveyer belts. The new airport has 3 separate duty free shops. The hotels around the airport are quite comfortable and very much comfortable and one should not worry since they are just near the airport.



There airport is an economic hub for the city. With the number of tourist to and from the city on the plane. The airport is one of the most affordable in the world since the food and drinks around the airport are very much affordable to the many passengers. The Transport to the airport is quite but many since the buses and Kazan airport taxis are the mode of transport that many people use. The train’s station is very near the airport and it is most commonly used by passengers to avoid the jams in the city centre.


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